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Main Design Carried Out ( IDO )

The design works of several multipurpose and hydroelectric projects have been successfully completed during the last three decades at Design Organisation. A few important projects are :

Yamuna Hydroelectric Scheme Stage-I

Commisioned in 1965, it comprises a 576.5 m long barrage across river Yamuna at Dakpathar to divert 200 cumec water through a 14.3 km long power channel to the two power houses at Dhakrani (33.75 MW) and Dhalipur (51 MW)

Yamuna Hydroelectric Scheme Stage-II

A 60 m high and 155 m long concrete dam at Ichari to divert the water of river Tons through 7.0 m dia 6.2 km long tunnel to 240 MW underground powerhouse at Chibro. Tail water is further taken through a syphon tunnel to 120 MW surface powerhouse at Khodri.

Ram Ganga Project

This multipurpose project comprises 127.5 m high, earth and rockfill dam across river Ramganga at Kalagarh and 198 MW power house at the toe of dam. The tail water is diverted into 84 km long channel to feed Lower Ganga Canal and Ramganga Canal system.

Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Project Stage-I

The project comprises 39 m high concrete dam across river Bhagirathi, 8.6 km long tunnel and 90 MW underground powerhose.

Garwhal - Rishikesh - Chilla Hydroelectric Project

A 141 m long barrage near Rishikesh diverts the water of river Ganga through 14.1 km long power channel to Chilla surface power house of 144 MW. It was commissioned in 1981.

Khara Hydroelectric Project

The tail water of Kulhal powerhouse is utilized through 13 km long power channel and 4.1 km long head race tunnel to generate 72 MW at Khara power house.

Upper Ganga Canal Modernisation Project

The project comprises construction of a new canal of 370 cumec capacity parallel to the existing approximately 150 years old Upper Ganga Canal, including many cross drainage works mainly Solani and Ratmau Aqueducts. Radial gates for cross drainage structures have been designed in this organisation.

Ganga Barrage Kanpur

To cater the present and future requirements of water of Kanpur, 617 m long barrage and a prestressed bridge have been constructed.

Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Project Stage-II

It comprises 81 km long barrage across river Bhagirathi at Uttarkashi, 16 m long 6 m dia tunnel and a surface powerhouse of 304 MW.

Tehri Dam Project

This multipurpose project comprises of 260.5 m high earth and rockfill storage dam across river Bhagirathi and under ground power house of 1000 MW in phase-I and another 1000 MW in phase-II.

Detailed design of diversion tunnels and preliminary design of all other works were completed before handing over the project to Tehri-Hydro Development Corporation.

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