This component will support the development of interactive analytical tools and decision support platform that would integrate database, models and scenario manager for hydrological flood forecasting, integrated reservoir operations and water resources accounting for improved operation, planning and management of both surface and groundwater. The component will provide interactive systems to analyze the impacts of alternative management scenarios and generate knowledge product using real time data under component B.

Development of Analytical Tools and Decision Support Systems

This sub-component will support development of interactive platform for various water resources management application preferably web-based with cloud computing. This would include developing some software applications as well as setting up the decision making platform for actual operations and investments. The river basin management platform will be supported through development of a comprehensive river basin water accounting software that will enable planning and assessments with standardized procedures. Streamflow forecasting and reservoir operation systems will support integration of real time data, weather forecast and hydrological models for improved alert systems for disaster management. Irrigation management and operation system will support improved design and operation of irrigation systems. The design of irrigation systems will be supported through the development of tools and software to improve the efficiency of hydraulic structures including upgrade of hydrologic design aides introduced during HP-II.

Purpose Driven Studies

This sub-component will cover a wide range of water management issues raised by agencies – for example, issues of water quality ‘hot spots’, groundwater issues or problems of reservoir sedimentation. The sub-component will allow agencies to conduct surveys, including to assess social and environmental impacts. The sub-component will also make financing available to support planning and technical investigations for investments such as the National Aquifer Program, the proposed NGMIP, PMKSY and other water and agricultural projects.

Piloting Innovative Knowledge Products

This sub-component is aimed at testing innovative applications developed under the project. This may include operationalization of irrigation rosters in canal systems, piloting community-based water resources management in canal and groundwater based irrigation systems, including in order to benchmark the performance of WUAs, and other such innovative solutions. The project will support engagement of specialized consultancies and infrastructure/goods required to put these activities in practice.



Technical task/Role Agency
Flood forecasting and river basin assessment models (C1) CWC with State IAs
Training and expert support to river basin modelling (C1) NIH
Scoping and coordination of the Purpose-Driven Support program and provision of technical support (C2) NIH
Groundwater modelling CGWB