Highway Testing Laboratory


Uttarakhand being a young state has a huge scope of growth in infrastructure. The development of road transport network and to link various remote areas and villages with road network has received significant importance and priority under the past development plans of Uttarakhand.

Keeping in mind the demands of highway materials testing and research laboratory at state level, a new chapter in the glorious research field of IRI, Roorkee was added to cater the research and testing needs of highways.

A well – equipped and maintained highway materials testing laboratory was brought into function at Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee on 6th of June, 2015. The testing facility covers almost all the tests during and after the construction of bituminous as well as the rigid (concrete) pavements. The laboratory has experimental facilities and consulting services in both the bituminous as well as concrete pavements during and after the construction phase. The testing facilities involved in various courses of pavement viz., Sub-grade course , Base course , Sub – base course and wearing/ surface course available in lab. can be grouped into the following categories:

(A) Mix – Design:

1. Marshall method of mix design

(B) Pavement Evaluation

1. Benkelmen beam deflection apparatus

2. Core cutting tool for roads

(C) Materials Testing Facility: The following testing facilities are available:            

(1) Bituminous Binder

  • Ductility testing machine
  • Flash point and fire point test apparatus
  • Penetration testing equipment
  • Softening point testing apparatus
  • Viscosity testing apparatus
  • Loss on Heating test apparatus

(2) Aggregates

  • Abrasion test
  • Aggregate shape test
  • Aggregate impact value test
  • Aggregate crushing value test

(3) Bituminous Mix

  • Aggregate-bitumen stripping value test
  • Bitumen content test

(4) Soil Stabilization for sub-grade course

  • Soil – Cement mixing device

(D) Basic equipments/ facilities : The following basic equipments are also available:

  • Thermostatically Controlled oven
  •  Moisture Chamber
  •  Freezing Cabinet
  •  Digital Balances
  •  Compressive Strength Testing Machine
  •  Stone – Cutting machine


Prestigious Project Undertaken:

As soon as the highway lab.came into being the Quality control and assurance works of temporary/ permanent works under Arddh Kumbh Mela – 2016 was awarded to IRI, roorkee. The Quality control and assurance works in Highways was an uphill task, but IRI Roorkee was able to complete the quality control and testing on time as per the MoU between Meladhikari, Arddh Kumbh Mela – 2016 and the Chief Engineer (Design) & Director, IRI, Roorkee.