Test Facilities


This is a Suggestive List of Test Facilities available at Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee.


Hydraulics Research Station

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Hydrographic Survey of Reservoirs

Capacity Survey and Sedimentation Studies of Reservoirs.


Cement and Concrete

  • Design of concrete mixes including mass concrete, high performance concrete and fibre-reinforced concrete for construction of civil engineering structures.
  • Test for green and hardened concrete i.e. compressive strength, transverse strength, unit weight, slump test and abrasion test etc.
  • Design of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for construction of dams.
  • Non-Destructive Test of cement concrete.
  • Calibration of compression testing machine (capacity up to 50T).
  • Laboratory tests for determining the physical properties of different types of construction materials as given below:
  • (a) Tests for Coarse and Fine aggregate i.e. sieve analysis, silt content (material finer than 75 micron), flakiness index, elongation index, specific gravity, water absorption, abrasion value, crushing value, impact value and soundness etc.
  • (b) Tests for bricks/brick tiles i.e. compressive strength, transverse strength, water absorption etc.
  • (c) Ultimate tensile strength test for steel bars & welded joints upto 25mm diameter.
  • (d) Tests for cement i.e. standard consistency, setting time, soundness, fineness, specific gravity, compressive strength etc.


Rock Mechanics

  • Bearing Capacity of Rock foundation by Plate Load Test.
  • Block Shear Test (‘c’ and ‘ ’) for Rock to Rock & Concrete to Rock.
  • Pullout Test (Anchor Bar & Rock Bolts).
  • Uni-axial Jacking Test (Modulus of Deformation).
  • Load Test for Bridges and Aqueduct.
  • Modulus of Elasticity & Poisson’s Ratio (Rock).
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength on Rock core specimens.
  • Shear Parameters – ‘c’ and ‘ ’ by Tri-axial Shear Test.
  • Point Load Strength Index(Rock).
  • Water Absorption, Specific Gravity(Rock).
  • Weathering/Durability/Porosity/Soundness/Permeability Test of Natural Building Stone.



  • Bearing Capacity of foundation soil by plate load test & Standard Penetration Test.
  • Permeability test determining seepage losses in soil.
  • Laboratory Tests for Soil classification, Shear parameter, Compaction, Consolidation etc.



  • Chemical analyses of water samples for construction purpose.
  • Chemical analysis of OPC & PPC cement.
  • Chemical analysis of cement mortar/cement concrete to find out proportional ratio of its ingredients.
  • Alkali aggregate reactivity test of aggregate samples.
  • Determination of suspended sediment concentration in P.P.M.
  • Grain size distribution of silt samples by using Puri’s Siltometer.