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Consultancy Areas ( IRI )

The IRI has facilities to undertake Research and Development activities related to hydropower and water resources projects in the following major areas:

Evolving efficient and economical hydraulic design for various engineering works viz.

  • Canal Structures - Head Regulators, Falls, Silt Ejector and Excluders,Cross Drainage Works.
  • Siting of Bridges, Barrages and Weirs.
  • Intake Structures, Water Conductor System, Surge Tanks, Spillways and Energy dissipation device.
  • Desilting Chambers.
  • River Training, Flood Protection and Anti-erosion Measures.

Economical design of Concrete Mixes using Flyash and Superplasticizers, Roller Compacted Concrete

Ground Water Development

  • Conjunctive Use of Subsurface and Surface Water and Water Logging
  • Suitability for Canal Linings, Seepage from Canals, Tubewell
  • Stability due to Sub-surface flow, Water Suitability
  • Studies for Regeneration/Seepage of Water from Perennial Rivers
  • Determination of Geohydrological Parameter by Radio Active Tracer Technique.

Mathematical Modelling

  • Sub-surface flow,Surface flow
  • Hydraulic Structures

Sedimentation Studies

  • Hydrographic Survey of Reservoirs
  • Sedimentation and Sediment Transport at Intakes, Reservoirs and Channels.

Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Resources Development

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