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The Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India, New Delhi is coordinating the implementation of National Hydrology Project (NHP) with the World Bank assistance. The National Hydrology Project is third phase of the Hydrology Project which was started in 1995 as Hydrology Project I (1995-2003) and then continued as Hydrology Project II (2006 2014). The project is implemented by 47 implementing agencies covering up all the states, UTs and 10 central agencies. Uttarakhand is also involved in the Hydrology Project for the first time under NHP and Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee has been nominated as the Implementing agency for the entire state of Uttarakhand.

The National Hydrology Project will be a central sector scheme (100% assistance from central govt.) funded by the World Bank. The budget outlay earmarked for Uttarakhand state is Rs. 75.00 Crores for an implementing period of 8 years. The main components of the project are as follows:

  1. In-situ hydro-met monitoring system and hydro-met data acquisition system

  2. Setting up of National Water Informatics Centre

  3. Water Resources Operation and Management System

  4. Water Resources institutions and capacity building

Activities proposed under NHP in Uttarakhand state :


  • To develop DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (DSS) for river basins of Uttarakhand. (Ganga, Ramganga, Yamuna & Sharda river basins)

  • Sediment potential assessment and water quality monitoring of different critical reaches of rivers and reservoirs of Uttarakhand

  • SWIC (State Water Informatics Centre) will be established at Roorkee

  • Following instruments are proposed to be installed under NHP in Uttarakhand

S No Instrument Name Purpose Quantity (proposed)
1 ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) Discharge, Velocity, Cross-section of rivers 2
2 Digital Rain Gauges (DRG) (Telemetry) (DRG + evap. sensor + VSAT telemetry) Precipitation 52
3 Snow Gauge with Telemetry / VSAT / INSAT Snowfall 12
4 Manual rain gauge station Rainfall, Rainfall history 52
5 AWLR - Radar type (Telemetry)+VSAT To monitor, measure and record fluctuations in water level of surface water. 95
6 Gauge plates / staff gauge To measure the water level 40
7 Current Meter with accessories Measure the velocity of stream 13
8 Water quality measurement instruments Water Quality Lab 2

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