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1. Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India has launched National Water Mission (NWM) as part of National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) with the main objective of “Conservation of water, minimising wastage and ensuring its more equitable distribution both across and within states through integrated water resources development and management”. The National Water Mission has identified five goals and various strategies to achieve the objectives of the National Water Mission. The five goals of the National Water Mission are:

  1. Comprehensive water data base in public domain and assessment of the impact of climate change on water resources

  2. Promotion of citizen and state actions for water conservation, augmentation and preservation

  3. Focused attention to vulnerable areas including over-exploited areas

  4. Increasing water use efficiency by 20%

  5. Promotion of basin level integrated water resources management. “National Water Mission“

  6. Promotion of Basin level Integrated Water Resources Management”, inter-alia, envisages review of National Water Policy, State Water Policy, Guidelines for different uses of water, planning on the principle of integrated water resources development and management, basin integration particularly for augmenting water by converting surplus flood water into utilizable water, and ensuring convergence among various water resources programmes

2. The water resources situation, its development, management and availability vary considerably from State to State. Many of the identified strategies/actions to achieve the goals of the National Water Mission are required to be taken by the State Governments/Union Territories. In this context, it is highly desirable to develop State Specific Action Plans for Water Sector aligned with the State Action Plan on Climate Change formulated by the States under NAPCC which give the holistic roadmap to achieve the desired goals. The State specific Action Plans would essentially consist of:

  1. Present situation of water resources development and management, water governance, Institutional arrangements, water related policies, cross-boundary issues, agreements etc. This would constitute the Status Report on the State/Union Territory. The document should also define problems/issues related to all the aspects of water resources specific to the State

  2. Preparation of detailed Action Plan for each of the Strategy/activity identified in the NWM to be implemented by the State/Union Territory

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